Thursday, 25 February 2010

I think I may be burning out

Training for the past 3 days has been very hard with a total of only 2 runs and around 6 miles

Monday, I felt a bit sluggish but put that down to a hard weekend however I still managed a fairly hilly 2 miles on the road. The time wasnt too poor either just pushing under 12 minutes but something just didnt feel right.

Went watching Oldham at Leeds on tuesday night so no running to mention.

Last night however I intended to go out for around 50 minutes fairly steady. My calves just felt heavy and I had to generate a lot of arm swing in order to compensate for it. My stride length was noticibly shorter and I couldnt hold a decent rhythm. I cut it short after 4 miles in 24:48 and just went and streched off.

Hope this isnt the start of a burnout

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