Thursday, 11 March 2010

09-03-10 Orienteering in the dark

Calder Valley night score event on tuesday so I made my weekly pilgrimage over to Mytholmroyd with the view to hopefully win 1st junior.....what a misguided thought.

The big issue, it was a navigation event and my navigation is pretty awful. I know Chew Valley well but other than that I have no clue.

I decided to run solo which is supposed to mean just me and my map and compass, no one to back you up so any mistakes are your own fault. However being a crafty manc I decided just to go with the flow so followed whichever pair were ahead....Brilliant decision.

Started off in the woods which wasnt too bad as the time passed fairly quickly and all 4 checkpoints were located before everyone peeled off in different directions. I had made the decision to aim for checkpoints 3 and 4 and just to follow any team heading in that direction. So I followed a team through some brambles before ascending upto checkpoint 3. BINGO.

Uphill for ages to checkpoint 4 got it and then we began the long descent down to Calderdale High where I managed to cadge a headtorch off Bill en route. Ben Frechette being an ex-student was on the basll with his navigation round the school and it left us with time to get the last checkpoints on this playing field. A quick run down the road and dibbing our maps before a pacy run back along the canal into Mytholmroyd and a quick finish.

Unfortunately I lost out on first junior by 10 points however on paper I was a solo runner which was decent as the other junior had both local knowledge and a partner.

Into the pub for a quick drink and then back on the long journey home...all good fun

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