Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Club training-2nd March

2nd time lucky as I turned up at Mythomroyd on the right night after going on Monday and spening £14 on train fares in the process only to realise it was the wrong day.

However Tuesday came quickly (well it was the next day) and again I found myself eating a Big Mac and fries on the way to training.

I got there just in time for a couple of miles off road running with the juniors as a warm up although the fact that I cant descend as fast as a ten year old does reflect my years catching up on me. Got back to MCC with a few minutes to get changed into my road gear and go out for some faster training.

I decided as it was a short run to go out with the fast group of which all the runners were much quicker than me. Just going out to Midgely I was struggling to keep the pace but on the flat and downhills I could catch back up until the next incline where I would just drop off the back. A long uphill drag of a mile or so up Stocks lane (?) left me feeling really dead on my feet and at this point I was shattered content only with the knowledge that it wasnt too bad from there. Got to the top after what seemed like hours (thanks for waiting for me) and then on the homeward stretch back down to the valley bottom, upto Midgeley and then back along to MCC. Into the pub for a drink and a chat before getting the train home which inevitibly was delayed so I had to bus it home from manchester which meant I got in at 1am and just slouched on the setee and fell asleep

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