Tuesday, 19 January 2010

18/01/10- Slow and Steady

Went out for a run at 21:30. Later than usual but it made little difference as i only did around 2 miles so as not to aggravate my knee injury from the handicap. From my house upto the top of my street as a little warm up. Then picking up the pace along to the top of Carrhill road. Climbing done.

Concentrating on steady technique along to the Highland Laddie pub. Past the Spice of Life and through the town centre. Down Old Brow then a sharp turn past my sister's house, a little climb leading uptothe town hall then onto a minor incline up Stamford Road until I was at the top by the Spice of Life. Then nice and steady back the way I came out.

Few free weight exercises at home and then to bed.

2 miles 13 minutes

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