Saturday, 30 January 2010

30-01-10 Out ont Fell

First offroad run for 2 weeks today. The edges with Fleeter.
Nice and steady pace due to the fact that im racing tomorrow and the ice was still really bad on the paths.
Nice run out to the foot of Wimberry. Then up Wimberry its almost 1000ft of climb in only half a mile or so. I felt quite good and think in the summer il be able to run all the way up it, but today ice at the top prevented a fast pace. Then along the edge to Chew, cross the dam wall and onto the other side of the valley. We added a bit of mileage by drooping down at Ashway, even the grass was lethal though as Andy fell about 5 times. back onto the reservoir path and then pretty steady back to Tanners

8 miles, 1000ft give or take a few ungulations. 2 hours

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