Wednesday, 27 January 2010

26-01-10 Calder Valley Calamity

Im must stress the run itself was not a calamity but the journey was a right horrible one.
Up early as usual to get my train and tram to Bury from Mossley. Day in college, finish 4pm, get tram back to Manchester, wangle a childs ticket to Mytholmroyd and bobs your uncle. Or so i thought. The fist train was delayed by 15 minutes meaning i would miss junior training and have to wait for nearly an hour at MCC. Great forward thinking Tom, because i know that trains are always perfectly on time....doh.

Anyway got to Mytholmroyd with enough time to do some streching and a gentle warm up before heading out with the 'Fast Group'....and bloody hell it was quick. Only 4 of us went out for the 8 mile route, Steve 'the machine' Smithies, Max Wharton, Tim and me. Right from the off the pace up the 3 mile climb to the halfway point of Cragg road was electric well for me anyway. My calves were burning, all efficiency had gone out of the window instead it was about labouring away so as not to get dropped off the back.

Got to the top, where allegedly the route eases off but it didnt. It was constantly up and down over the back country roads for almost 3 miles and by now I was well and truly shattered but suprisingly keeping with the pace. Then we got to the place i actually knew, 2 miles or so to go all downhill. Still a swift pace coming back into Mytholmroyd and then the pace quickened towards the finish. Max and Steve went off through the town, i caught up near the bridge just before the MCC and ever the opportunist decided to have a quick finish. Back first whey.

Got changed, into the pub for a quick drink, then back onto the train. Delayed by 15 minutes..grrr that meant missing my other train. Got to Victoria for 10:15 meaning I had a 45 minute wait for the train back. Got to 11pm, no driver had turned up. We finally set off at 11:22 what a bloody calamity. Still a top run though

8 miles

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