Tuesday, 26 January 2010

25-01-10- New Gear test

I treated myself to some new socks and glove in preparation for the Pennine Bridleway relay on sunday so what better way to test them than a quick 4 mile blast round the local rounds with a few nasty little climbs.

Steady warm up down onto Manchester road then started upping the pace along to the train station. Then came diversion number 1, down wagon road then up the other street before haeding through bottom Mossley and up Park st. The start of the biggest climb led to me picking up a tiny little footpath that comes out just near Livingstone school and then straight up to Top Mossley. I was really flying going up the hill and as it flattened out towards the library i really started to put the pace in. Past the co-op and up quickedge road, a nice climb to get the blood into your claves. Then drop back down to Stamford road and then on the homestretch back along Manchester road. Up the cobbles, across the bridge over the train tracks then slump over at my front door.

My usual daily routine of nweights and core work, then to bed.

4 miles:23:42

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