Friday, 8 January 2010

Tools of the Trade

Well my first kit/info bit...the main tools of my trade.

Firstly my shoes- Inov8 mudclaw 330's. They do the company a great justice, sturdy and comfy mine have lasted me over 18 months. The studs provide supreme grip over all surfaces and i have been using them recently for my road running in the snow. Without them i would be lost, Inov8 really the bees knees when it comes to off road running unlike these road shoe companies who seem to make their shoes as an afterthought. These shoes have seen me place 3rd in the North Wales Junior championships, 2nd at Burnsall, 1st Under 18 at Y Garn. One word BRILLIANT-

My road shoes are Brooks radius that i won in a competition. They are slightly bulky and are not so comfortable after a long time as they rub but for the majority of my running they are ok-

Finally my XC spikes- The Saucony Kilkenny. Singlehandly the best spike i have ever wore. Light and responsive and cheap at only £45 from Up and Running they are the dogs. I can even get away on farmland. A staple shoe for winter training when the roads are icy

Socks- I mix and match my socks between Hilly Compression socks and Inov8 elite socs. The compression sock is great and supports my calves over the longer races but the elite soc owns over short distances, light and comfy stops any blistering even on my long road runs. At only 18 grams its one for the racing snakes-

Shorts- Not so important to me but i wear Ron Hill shorts in the racer style. They do me fine

Tops- I use my Calder Valley vest obviously and then depending on weather I have a Crane top for colder days and an inov8 technical tee for hotter days where the wind is strong. The Crane top is lovely and light if not a bit susceptable to cold in windy conditions. The technical tee is cracking with a zip in case you start to get warm its a must on those long summer runs or slightly breezy days-

Hats- I love my hats. I have an Inov8 hotcap 60 which is cracking on sunny days when it is hot and looks really nice when dressing casually. And then i have my beanie for winter that has become a part of me in a way even though i just found it when i was out on a run.

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