Saturday, 9 January 2010

9th Jan- Gritters and Ice

the usual 3 mile run that faces me anytime i go to my dads. Very runnable and on a good day is possible in less than 18 minutes. Today the streets of mossley looked like they had been invaded by gritters but no matter in my Mudclaws i ploughed through the now relatovely soft snow after last nights shower. Past the co-op (nipped in to get my dad a paper) and then onto the top road that has caused many transport problems leading to all the bread selling out in the shops. Not matter though, I was running at the side of the pavement and managed just about to clock a decent mile time (5:48) on the moderate descent. The last mile has a 150ft climb in just over half a mile and then a nice rolling run down to my dad's. The uphill was quite icy today so i took it easily concentrating on efficiency. Then the last half mile was just comfortable and steady with a quick stretch off and warm down.

3 miles-20:35

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