Sunday, 24 January 2010

22/23/24th January

Neglected my blog for a few days.

Friday-Again little niggles left me doing core work again building up my upper body strength which wasnt such an issue but i do like to get a good run in when i can.

Saturday- My Birthday and also training highlight. Out early to get the train to Mytholmroyd for training with Graeme, Joe Crossfield was also training with me. A lad from Bingley that is doing coaching came down to watch how Graeme trains us as well so the pressure was on.

I wanted to loosen up my knees so asked if we could do an extended warm up which led to a jog upto the start of the coiners route and then several drills concentrating on uphill techniques. Then the final bit was a one minute chase where Joe had to try to catch me uphill...I WON.

Onto the main bit of training 4*1 minute ascents at our sustainable uphill pace.
Then onto the hard bit, seeing how long we could put in a bursts, a question of pace judgement. So 3 of those were a sharp learning curve but great training none the less and it left me well and truly shattered at the end

Warm down-Jog back to the MCC, then into the Shoulder of Mutton with some lads who had just finished the Hebden

Sunday-Won big on poker last night so a lie in. Bit of core work and a 2 mile jog to loosen up the system

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