Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chew Valley Skyline Reccy-2nd Jan

Again based around a forum plan, me, Manhar and originally Linda Murgatroyd planned to reccy the Chew Valley skyline route. Chew Valley is a classic fell race that used to attract upto 500 runners in the mid 90's. It is being rerun for the first time since 2000 and as such there is a real buzz about it.

On the morning of the reccy the snow was very deep and me and Manhar knew that Linda wouldnt be able to make it over from Stainland. So parking at Tanners we intended to go along to the Chew Res road and reccy the section from Chew res to featherbed moss (tough in the best of conditions). Anyway nmy great navigational sense came to fruition leading us to go up the wrong clough onto the edges, resulting in a 45 minute scramble up a stream bed and then a wander in the white out of the edges. We didnt quite know whereabouts we were so we descended back down Charnel clough into the valley again and back along via the plantations. Then to the Clarence for chips and a drink (cheers Manhar).

5 miles

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