Monday, 11 January 2010

Eagles Grip- X Talons

My birthday present off my dad.
X Talons size 10: A fell runners weapon of choice
Light and minimalist the X Talon has received rave reviews and the reputation of the shoe has certainly come to fruition, worn by a host of world class athletes namely the African phenomenons that are Geoffrey Kusuro and Wilson Chelewumo as well as my own personal hero the great Billy Burns.
So obviously when i was stood in Up and Running intent on getting some new Mudclaws also a class shoe my eyes were drawn to the amber and silver flashy looks of the X Talon. I got them size 10 for £65.
Got them home and put on my Inov8 elite soc's and headed out on my usual shoe testing route. 3 miles 1000ft from my house up to the top of Alphin. I removed the foot beds to create this feeling of barefoot running and i have to say no rubbing whatsoever even with thin socks on.

Along the bridleway which was covered in Ice but no problem for the sticky rubber sole of the X Talon and then through Hey Farm estate onto Shadows Lane. The first climb, nice and steep enough to get the calves burning and in the snowy conditions a great test for the stability of any shoe let alone one at such a low weight. It handled the conditions marvellously gripping like a dream.
On the main climb up to alphin it was hard in the deep snow but once again the X Talon showed its versatility adapting well to the mainly shrubby floor and its minimalist nature allowing me to feel the ground. A pause at the top for a quick view but it was very cold.

Then my favourite part; The descent. The X Talon really allows you to be at one with the ground. You really could write a story about every footstep. Each with its own charm and personality. Gliding over the grassy path and gripping like crampons on the icy rock. No shoe is a match for this it blows mudrocs, mudclaws and walshes out of the water, even my beloved La Sportiva crosslites. Light and flexible comparable to the finest road racers it amazed me with its delicate balance of grip, weight and strength. No surface too slippy, no ground to rough it does it all.

For £65 another cracking bargain from Inov8

Want to not just visualise the fell but become part of it then click here and find the shoe that everyone is talking about :

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